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1 In 5 British Businesses Hacked By Cyber Criminals

Author: Security Experts / Source: Information Security Buzz

One in five British companies has been hacked by cyber criminals over the past year, a new survey has indicated. Further, only a quarter (24%) of the survey’s 1,200 respondents said their business had security measures in place to guard against hacking. IT security experts from Imperva, Tripwire, Cylance and Corero Network Security commented below.

Amichai Shulman, CTO and CO-Founder at Imperva:


“Our experience show that 100% of businesses are under attack. With 20% of companies being breached while only 24% believe they have proper security stance we can only repeat the cliché that there are two types of business those that have been breached and those that don’t know that they have been breached yet.”

Paul Edon, Director, International Customer Services at Tripwire:

Paul Edon

“Many businesses still remain unprepared for a cyber attack because it’s difficult to prepare for something you don’t understand, can’t visualize, and haven’t experienced. The dynamic nature of cyber attacks often makes it hard to pinpoint a root cause, and so executives with a desire to prepare are faced with choices, rather than clear actions to fund.

The top three measures a company can take to mitigate cyber risk are:

– Start by understanding the risk you have. You have to conduct regular, preferably continuous, assessments of configuration and vulnerability risk across your IT systems. The attackers will be doing the same.

– Don’t ignore the simple, best practices. Keep software up to date, apply security patches, change passwords, and make sure terminated employees and contractors don’t have access. This security hygiene goes a long way to making the attackers’ job more difficult.

– Train your employees on how to recognize a scam. Much of cyber security is about human nature and social engineering. Training must be ongoing because the attackers change their tactics.”

Anton Grashion, Managing Director-Security Practice at Cylance:

Anton Grashion

“This is probably an…

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