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Attorney general’s office monitoring Equifax data breach

Author: Jim Ross / Source: The Exponent Telegram


Exactly how many West Virginians’ sensitive personal financial information was compromised by the Equifax data breach, but Attorney General Patrick Morrisey says his office continues to monitor the situation.

“Nearly half of our state’s population could be at risk from the Equifax breach,” Morrisey said Monday.

“Every West Virginia consumer must be aware of this incident and take the necessary steps to protect their finances. My office has received numerous calls from consumers asking how they can better protect their information. Our Consumer Protection Division is encouraging everyone to monitor their bank accounts and credit reports. My office is also working to educate the public on identity theft issues and will provide additional information about the breach as it becomes available.”

Last week, Equifax reported that hackers exploited a website application vulnerability and gained access to files potentially impacting 143 million consumers nationwide. Equifax said 730,119 of those affected reside in West Virginia.

Morrisey did not have numbers on how many West Virginians actually have suffered harm from the breach or how many have contacted his office seeking help.

Equifax reported that hackers primarily accessed names, Social Security numbers, birth dates and addresses. In other instances, hackers also may…

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