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Cyber-security: More Than Just A Reputational Risk

Author: LLORENTE & CUENCA / Source: Holmes Report

We are living in a constantly interconnected society, where each individual walks around with one or more gadgets with access to internet. These devices contain unlimited personal data about consumption, preferences, bank accounts, activities, behavior in social media, etc. All this intelligence being of an uncountable value for certain stakeholders (companies, organizations, individuals, etc). Meanwhile, these users live blindly and little aware of he magnitude of the dangers they are to which they are susceptible.

Every individual has become a risk factor, an entrance portal exposed to any type of cyber-attack. Only in Spain, cyber-attacks have increased exponentially in recent years; According to studies presented by the Spanish National Institute of Cyber-security (INCIBE), the biggest jump has occurred in the last twelve months, from 50,000 to 120,000 attacks (a 357 percent more in the last year). This could be extrapolated to the rest of the world with the recent example of the WannaCry hackers’ attack. This ransomeware affected over a 150 different countries and many global companies.

When becoming part of a company, every individual brings with them all those threats to which they are daily exposed. Companies maintain strict controls on all fixed terminals under their radar, but despite the efforts, all mobile devices are beyond that control. According to PR Newswire, in 2016, 90 percent of cyber-attacks…

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