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Data Breach at UC Health and Healthcare’s Ongoing Struggle

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In Cincinnati, Ohio (USA), the Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care of the UC Health system has reported unauthorized access to patient medical records for the past two years by an employee. The data breach was only discovered in June and has impacted an estimated 4,721 patients. They will have a year of complimentary credit monitoring and identity theft protection services from Experian.

There has been no further information disclosed about how the employee went undetected for two years while accessing the records. They also have not disclosed how they identified the recent breach. What is known is that the Daniel Drake Center did not have software for proactive monitoring since they have announced that they will be implementing the software after this recent incident. Additionally, the Daniel Drake Center will be providing training to all employees about cyber security.

No further comment has been provided about the incident.

Healthcare Security Challenges
General consensus among security experts is that the healthcare sector is the most unprepared for protecting data. This is said because the highest number and most severe security incidents have happened in the healthcare sector. This has been the case year after year. Part of the unique security challenge within healthcare is the fact that healthcare organizations must share patient data. The sharing of data creates a lot of risk with each transaction. With so many stakeholders granted access to the system, there’s more exposure to risk for patient data to fall into the wrong hands, and may take a long time to figure out how it happened.


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