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Dow Jones Customer Data Exposed: Personal Information, Payment Data Was Available Online

Author: AJ Dellinger / Source: International Business Times

Dow Jones and Company, publisher of the Wall Street Journal, exposed sensitive personal and financial details of millions of its company’s customers, including Wall Street Journal subscribers.

According to a report from cybersecurity firm UpGuard, a misconfigured server containing customer data allowed “semi-public access” to as many as four million accounts. Dow Jones has confirmed at least 2.2 million customers were affected.

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According to UpGuard, the exposed data includes names, addresses, account information, email addresses, and last four digits of credit card numbers. An additional 1.6 million entries from the Dow Jones Risk and Compliance database—a subscription-based corporate intelligence program used by financial institutions—were also exposed.

Steve Severinghaus, the Director of Editorial Communications at Dow Jones, emphasized to International Business Time that no full credit card or login information “that could pose a significant risk for consumers or require notification” was included in the exposure. He also said information from the Risk and Compliance database did not contain any customer information.

Severinghaus, who described the situation as “data over-exposure, not a leak” said the content was exposed via Amazon cloud and “not the open internet.”

UpGuard reported the exposed data was found…

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