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Europe is ready for free movement of Electronic Health Records, EU Report says

Author: Matteo Natalucci / Source: Government Computing

Pan-European report details findings of attitudes to storing and sharing electronic health records across Europe

A recent study has highlighted the different challenges and opportunities EU countries face when implementing an eHealth system.

The study, “Mapping out the obstacles of free movement of electronic health records in the EU in the light of single digital market”, commissioned by the Government Office of Estonia and conducted in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs, gives an overview of the development of e-health services and the legislation that supports the movement and the safe use of health data.

It maps the obstacles and benefits of movement of health data in Estonia, Finland, Germany, Poland, Sweden and the UK.

“The main barriers for free movement of health data are not information technology or legislation, but rather so-called soft aspects such as people’s attitudes, awareness and cooperation”, the study says.

The report presents findings from a pan-European survey, which captures the attitudes to storing and sharing electronic health records across Europe.

“Overall, the respondents agreed that storing electronic health data is beneficial for enhancing quality of the treatment, preventing health epidemics, and reducing delays, with 75.5%, 63.9%, and 58.9% respectively. However, there were still concerns over appropriate methods…

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