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Why privacy matters

Source: WNYW

NEW YORK (FOX5NY) – When it comes to online privacy, many who skip over the subject have said: “I have nothing to hide, so I’m okay.” It’s a response to which some experts in the field of privacy point out, even if you’re alone in your home, would you be okay with someone watching through your window and taking notes on everything you do the entire day? Because that is essentially what’s happening online right now, and it’s legal.

For a moment, let’s put on hold the fact that the cyber security company McAfee estimates a new strain of malware is created every 4 seconds. And that even the best technology out there can’t catch 45 percent of them. Even putting that aside, for now, a larger issue needs to be explained first.

When it comes to internet privacy, we divided it into two categories: privacy in terms of operating safely in our digital world and privacy in terms of operating securely.

Matt Mitchell, hacker, security researcher and founder of Crypto Harlem, points out we all have something to hide. That for instance “when we go meet someone we don’t say ‘Hi, this is how much money I make, this is my home address and phone number and this is where my parents live and how to get there.'” Yet this information is all legally available…

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