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Canberra reviewing online Medicare lookup after data breach

Author: Richard Chirgwin / Source: The Register

Insider with a login, rather than an outsider with a hack, seems culprit for darkweb privacy panic

It looks like the government’s figured out how Australians’ Medicare numbers were leaking and ending up on a Tor trading site: an insider abusing a login.

Lsat week, the existence of “The Medicare Machine” became public after a journalist for The Guardian purchased his own Medicare information from the site for $30 worth of Bitcoin. It’s believed fewer than 100 card numbers (with names) were traded since last year.

Last week, human services minister Alan Tudge said the breach looked like “traditional criminal activity” rather than a “cyber security breach”.

While still describing it as an “alleged breach”, Tudge and health minister Greg Hunt this morning issued a media…

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