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Cybersecurity Executive Order is Close to Release, Administration Official Says

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President Donald Trump’s cybersecurity executive order will be announced in the near future, and will focus on the administration’s cybersecurity priorities of innovation, protecting critical infrastructure, and addressing international cyber norms, according to Robert Joyce, special assistant to the president and cybersecurity coordinator at the White House.

“I think you will find that the administration priorities are reflected in the work that’s going into the executive order,” Joyce said Monday. “I will hesitate to comment on the timing; it is close and nearby.”

Joyce, who spoke for the first time since entering his position at the White House at the Georgetown International Conference on Cyber Engagement, said that the administration wants to make sure that the executive order receives full consideration before signing and doesn’t draw attention from other important administration objectives.

The Trump administration’s first attempt at a cybersecurity executive order was criticized for placing too much responsibility with Department of Defense leadership, and a second draft of the order was pulled just before a scheduled signing in late January.

Two weeks ago, retired Gen. Michael Hayden, who has served as the director of both the National Security Agency and CIA, confirmed the existence of a new draft order, characterizing…

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