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Google confirms ‘panic button’ has been added to Android to try and stop malware attacks

Author: Cecile Borkhataria For / Source: Mail Online

Android has released a new ‘panic’ button feature that returns the user to their home screen if the ‘back’ button is pressed multiple times in a row.

The feature, which was introduced to Android’s 7.1 Nougat operating system, is designed to stop malicious applications from taking over a user’s screen.

If an app tries to stop the user from exiting it, repeatedly pressing the ‘back’ button will allow the user to escape it.

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The quiet introduction of the new panic button feature has led to speculation that Google doesn’t want to advertise the fact that it’s trying to fight malicious applications. Pictured is an Android logo statue outside of the ‘Googleplex’ headquarters in Mountain View, California

Google introduced the feature without…

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