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Hey Kids! Dav Pilkey Reads From “Dog Man,” Shows You How to Draw Big Jim

Friends and fans of “Dog Man” have we got a fun few minutes for you! The one and only Dav Pilkey is teaming up with the Library to keep you jazzed about reading. Today, he’s got a couple of treats. First, he shows you how to draw Big Jim.


Big Jim (aka Commander Cupcake) is seven feet tall in the “Dog Man” books. But here, Dav shows you how to bring him down to size in just a few strokes. You can replay it as often as you need to so that you can get Big Jim just right.

Second, because everyone loves a good story, here he is reading from “Dog Man Unleashed.” Check out those sound effects!


Dav will by stopping by the blog each Friday for a few weeks, so be sure to check back in!

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