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Juha Saarinen: Governments breaking encryption still a bad idea

Author: Juha Saarinen / Source: NZ Herald

BUSINESS Juha Saarinen: Governments breaking encryption still a bad idea

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Have your information spied upon silently, or be blocked from communicating? Photo / 123RF

Each awful terrorist attack brings with it government demands of an “internet clampdown”, shorthand for increased censorship and compromised encryption to aid surveillance.

In Australia, the Turnbull government wants to follow Britain’s example, and introduce the proposed “technology capability notices” that oblige internet providers and telcos to decrypt data in real-time if the authorities order it.

Depending on how the government-forming goes for Theresa May in the UK, she could lead the country in a Brexit from the internet, introducing strict regulations and logging of what people do online.

It’s highly unlikely that an “internet clampdown” will result in anything else than the general population becoming less secure online. In fact, it’s pretty much guaranteed nothing much good will come out of such a move.

Hand over decryption keys for scrambled communications to government agencies with track records of not being able to keep their deepest secrets safe from criminals and foreign spies?

We only need to look at the…

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