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London SOC For Secured Online Moves

Source: Information Security Blog


Security has been a major concern for online business all over the world. Despite the fact that technological trends are roaring and highly dynamic because they are updating constantly, experts are still finding it hard to cap threats like hackers’ attacks and breaches for good.

Things are like this since beginning and it is believe that they will continue to be like this for ever because attackers are also keen to update their logics and moves accordingly with the growth of IT.

The right approach:

Dealing with such threats using free firewalls and antivirus without the professional assistance from an information security consultant is an idea dumped long ago by professional entrepreneurs.

Situation today:

It seems that entrepreneurs today have learned more about the seriousness and grave results that are usually associated with such mishaps. Awareness levels have improved greatly and they are more of the view to acquire professional services like managed SIEM, VAPT testing and security operation centres.

The idea sounds…

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