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Smart WiFi startup Eero updates its hardware and introduces a new network security service

Author: Ryan Lawler / Source: TechCrunch

Wireless networking startup Eero was founded on the premise of providing “WiFi that works.” With easy setup and the ability to boost your signal by just adding more WiFi stations, Eero introduced a new category of wireless mesh networking products to market.

But since there are now multiple WiFi mesh competitors out there, Eero can’t afford to be left behind. With that in mind, the company is announcing two new hardware products for consumers and additional security features users can subscribe to.

The Next-Gen Eero

Today the company is launching a new version of its flagship Eero wireless base station. The second-gen Eero is the same size and shape of its predecessor, but the company has drastically upgraded the underlying hardware. The second-gen router features triband WiFi — meaning it can broadcast on three wireless bands simultaneously — and is twice as powerful as the original Eero.

While adding stronger WiFi connectivity, the company is looking to future-proof its products by introducing some new emerging technologies. For instance, the new Eero hardware is powered by USB-C to match new smartphones and computers hitting the market… and it will also include Thread wireless connectivity to reach a whole new generation of low-power “Internet of things” devices that are finding their way into consumers’ homes.

Eero Beacon

Along with the new second-gen router, the company is adding a second hardware product called the Eero Beacon. The Beacon is designed to plug directly into wall sockets in places like kitchens, hallways and stairwells, where it’s inconvenient to have a corded product.

While the Beacon is about half the size of…

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