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10 Concerts Facebook Game

Author: André Mouradian / Source: Information Security Buzz

Security experts are concerned about the popularity of what has been nicknamed the “10 concerts” Facebook ‘meme’. The game asks users to provide 9 music concerts they’ve been to and 1 that they haven’t – their friends then need to try to spot which band the user is lying about. Experts have labelled the game a “gift to hackers” as it could be a way for cyber-criminals to determine a crucial piece of information about users: the first concert they went to.

A user’s first concert is a common security question on online accounts and could hand malicious observers the key to finding out users’ passwords.

André Mouradian, Cyber-Security Education Organisation, Wombat Security commented below.

André Mouradian:

André Mouradian

There has been an increase in the number and variety of ways in which hackers can now obtain personal information, in both a business and private setting, and especially through social media. The “10 Concerts” game phenomenon that has taken over Facebook may seem like harmless fun,…

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