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10 Information Security Blogs You Should Be Reading

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This is our collection of important and informative InfoSec blogs from the industry’s top leaders.

We’re in the digital age, where information processes faster than we can analyze it. If you’re not reading the latest industry updates, you’re behind your peers. These days, information can be accessed from your computer, phone and even your watch. Information is almost instantaneous, and we crave the feeling of connectivity to the world and our industry. With hundreds of informative security blogs on the internet, it’s hard to sort through the respectful thought leaders, the opinion makers and the highly reckonable blogs.

We’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve searched the internet for the best and most insightful InfoSec blogs that are on the market. These blogs provide a respectable plunge into the industry’s leading information security topics.

1. DARKReading

If you’re in the field of information security, you should’ve heard of the famed DARKReading blog bible at least once. This major collection of thought leaders, technology specialists and security techniques provide a comprehensive thought-provoking jump into the industry. DARKReading is an informative community that asks important security questions, has detailed tech debates and presents comprehensive insights into leading topics.

Three posts we like from DarkReading:

2. ThreatPost

Threatpost provides leading information about IT and business security to individuals worldwide. This news source highlights high-impact, engaging articles with supervision from industry-leading security journalists. As a recable information security source, Threatpost continuously makes the industry’s top ‘must read’ blog list.

Three posts we like from ThreatPost:

3. Dan…

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