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5 Ways Through Which Aadhaar Violates Your Privacy

Author: Medini Kajarekar / Source: WTD News

With the compulsion of Aadhaar registration, the government is continuously being questioned about the issue of privacy. The issue has escalated to whether the Right to Privacy is or should be one our fundamental rights. Amidst the hue and cry, let’s take a look at the 5 ways through which Aadhaar can breach your privacy:

It allows for the illegal tracking of individuals
The Aadhaar number links multiple databases leading to profiling of an individual- his employment, finance, travel, recreation etc and thus could become a tool of mass surveillance by the Government.

It may lead to identity fraud
As it is a collection of the bio-metric information, it can violate the bodily integrity and may lead to fraudulent impersonation in case of data leaks. And there are chances of the enrollment operator, uploading someone else’s bio-metrics against another person.

It ropes in private contractors to monitor your data

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