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6 Skills Required For A Career In Digital Forensics

Author: Laurence Bradford / Source: Forbes

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Tech meets criminal justice in the field of digital forensics–a branch of forensic science dealing with recovering and analyzing information from data storage devices (including computers, phones, networks, and more). Digital forensics examiners help track down hackers, recover stolen data, follow computer attacks back to their source, and aid in other types of investigations involving computers.

Want to know what it takes to become a digital forensics examiner? Here are some key skills needed for the career, with insight from Ondrej Krehal, the founder and CEO of the cybersecurity company LIFARS.




1. Analytical talent: It stands to reason that anyone in an investigative role needs to have the analytical skills required to piece together information and solve the case. “High speed of analytical thinking, and precise observation skills, which are often gained and tested at high tech military and intelligence cyber units are also important skills to have,” says Krehal. “The ability to find patterns and make correlations is crucial in the investigation process.”

2. Computer science/tech skills: Since digital forensics is such a technical field, it helps to come from a background studying or working with computer science. “An important quality of any great digital forensics investigator is a deep understanding of how technology really works,” Krehal states. “If you have experience [with] computer systems, programming, or other related fields, this will help [you] transition into digital forensics since you will already have a general knowledge of how technology and networks work, how…

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