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Amazon’s new virtual stylist raises privacy concerns

Author: BECKY WORLEY / Source: ABC News

Continuing with its Echo line of digital home assistants, Amazon on Wednesday unveiled “Echo Look,” a personal stylist device with a built-in camera that is meant to help people choose what outfit to wear. But the idea of a home assistant with a camera has alarmed some privacy advocates, with many on Twitter this week reacting skeptically to the e-commerce giant’s announcement.

While it currently has no official release date, the Echo Look is said to have a camera that connects with a user’s smartphone to give a real time rear-view when a person turns their back to it. It is also said to allow a user to snap selfies of outfits and catalog them to remember the last time a particular outfit was worn.

It also reportedly uses an algorithm that compares two outfits and decides which looks better.

But as the announcement was made, several privacy advocates on Twitter warned about the privacy ramifications of new device.

This how it ends. Not with a bang but with…

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