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Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) – BeyondTrust Solutions that can Help

Author: Morey Haber / Source: BeyondTrust

In May 2016, the Australian government released a new version of its Information Security Manual – guidance on information security and governance. The manual has become the backbone of recommended security guidance in addition to the Australian Signals Directorate’s “Essential Eight” for securing organisations in the public and private sector.

While the security community recognises the effectiveness of many standards – from SANS to CIS to NIST – the Australian government has made significant advances in bringing its organisations in compliance with best practices. The benefits of government research have been translated into this manual and what all organisations should consider for workflow, processes and accountability. If we consider that the next generation economy is now the backbone of commerce and government (and military in many respects), we need a way to do business and mitigate any risks from our adversaries that can exploit…

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