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Australia’s new data breach notification laws. Are your suppliers ready?


With an increase in data now on the cloud, and a number of third party services providers assisting Australian accountants, it’s a good time to look at the ever changing laws on data breaches.

More recently, there was the “Can you hear me” scam reaching Australia. The scammer only needs to record you saying “yes” over the phone. The intention is to use this voice signature later to authorize fraudulent charges by telephone. By itself “yes” seems innocuous, so there must be other data leaking out of the system to make this single syllable response damaging.

There is already a very blurred line around what constitutes confidential information, and what information should and must be released. Currently in the news is CPA Australia who has released a full list of CPA members including their contact details. The accountant responsible for securing this information cited a section from the Corporations Act. This included names, addresses, and when they joined, though later news stories mentioned the email addresses were redacted. This seems a lot of valuable information required to be released.

With this increase in Australian accountants moving data to the cloud, and increasing use of offshore resources, the Australian laws on data breaches would be welcomed by those with confidential data in the hands of their trusted…

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