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British passports being ‘sold on dark web’ for £750

Author: David Millward / Source: The Telegraph

British passports being ‘sold on dark web’

British passports are being bought on the “dark web” by terrorists for as little as £750 Europol has warned.

Rob Wainwright, who heads the EU police agency, said the hidden part of the internet was being exploited by terrorists, Mail Online reported.

Mr Wainwright said it had become a “huge underground criminal environment” which was difficult for the security services to monitor.

He was particularly concerned about the trade in stolen passports.

“There is a criminal trading platform … that is substantial,” he said.

  • The dark web is a largely anonymous and untraceable area of the internet and is only accessible by a covert browser
  • It is facilitated by a global network of computer users who believe the internet should operate beyond the supervision of law enforcement agencies
  • Used by political activists and criminals alike, the networks claim to be virtually untraceable by authorities
  • The online black…

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