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Brits Unaware Their Online Activity Is Being Monitored By The Government

Author: / Source: Information Security Buzz

Survey reveals the majority (70%) of people in the UK have no idea the government is monitoring their online activity, despite expressing concerns about their sensitive information being viewed.

A third (33%) of Brits think the government has no power to monitor online activity, and the majority (76%) are completely unaware of the new Investigatory Powers Act, which came into force on 29 January 2017.

More than half (59%) say they would not consent to the government or third parties viewing and monitoring their digital activity. Of those surveyed, 63% would only agree to being monitored in order to prevent criminal activity or a potential terrorist threat.

A survey of 2,000 members of the public by virtual private network price comparison site,, finds UK people are worried about their digital movements being tracked, but are misinformed when it comes to tracking online usage, and the methods agencies undertake to obtain digital data.

Awareness was a key theme in the study, with nearly a quarter (23%) failing to name any of the 48 government agencies that can view the public’s full…

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