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Can digital spring cleaning prevent identity theft?

Author: Amanda Cuda / Source: Connecticut Post

Turns out, spring cleaning isn’t just for closets and attics. According to the Connecticut Better Business Bureau, doing a little digital spring cleaning can keep you personal information from getting stolen by hackers.

Sometimes, people can unknowingly download free software or gone on a site that slips a virus into their computer. This can allow hackers to steal contacts, learn all of logins and passwords and discover the contact information for someone’s bank, doctor or dentist, which can help them to get you to reveal personal information by telephone or email.

Connecticut Better Business Bureau spokesman Howard Schwartz says people can lose all of their files, even if our computers are clean of malware.

“Hard drives have a limited lifespan and can suddenly corrupt your files. A mechanical problem such a crash may ruin your storage disk, and if you lose or drop your laptop or it is lost or stolen, all of your…

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