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Cyber Security: The Bad Guys Are Organised, So We Have To Be Too

Source: Information Security Buzz

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses, political institutions and individuals is cyber security. For example, a recent report found that hacking attacks on UK businesses has cost investors £42bn, and a severe breach leads to a company’s share price falling, on average, by 1.8 per cent.

As well as protecting data and preventing hacks, one of the major issues surrounding cyber security is the much publicised skills gap. A recent report from cyber security professionals association (ISC)2 identified that by 2021 the shortage of skilled workers in the cyber security sector will reach 1.8 million globally. Individuals, companies and the state will be left exposed to attacks from cyber criminals and terrorists, if this skills gap is not addressed.

Companies and Government alike are developing comprehensive training programmes, that are designed to nurture the cyber security defenders of the future. However, universities across the UK have a vital role to play in equipping these cyber security professionals with the necessary skills to enter the industry. University staff must ensure that candidates are receptive to training, by providing an adequate framework of knowledge to them, instilling a solid foundation of principles and theories behind where these problems come from.

A university’s job is to teach the ability to learn new skills; rather than training individuals on learning a particular skill, as we often see with training in industry. This ability to learn new skills is…

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