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Dad warns of potential privacy dangers for children in app

Author: ABC NEWS / Source: ABC News

An Illinois father is speaking out and warning other parents about the potential privacy risks of the popular app, after he says a stranger asked his 7-year-old daughter to send shirtless pictures of herself through the app’s messaging feature.

“She came to us and let us know that there was someone asking her to remove clothing for pictures, and she knew it wasn’t right,” Brad Frakes told ABC News of the interaction that he says his daughter, Madison, experienced while using the app, which lets users create their own music videos.

Frakes said that his daughter used the app to play with her cousins, and that he “never thought in a million years that we would receive anything other than family fun with this app.”

“She likes to sing and dance, and that was a perfect format for her; it’s also a great way to let her communicate with family and friends, and just have a little bit of fun competition amongst family members,” Frakes said.

Frakes added that his daughter does not have her own phone or tablet, and only used the app through his phone. He said he did not know that strangers could message his daughter through the app, let alone solicit inappropriate photos.

“The account was just at the default settings, we weren’t aware of any public or private settings that…

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