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Four Steps to Protect Your Business From A Data Breach

Source: TechNative

Plan, train & protect

With high-profile data breaches regularly hitting the headlines, it’s essential for every business to take action to protect their customers’ data. From restricting physical access to your computer systems to using high-tech data encryption tools, you can reduce your risk of becoming the latest victim of cyber criminals. Follow these four tips to improve data security in your company.

Encrypt Data

Data encryption is an essential technology for any business that handles sensitive data, such as credit card details or medical information. Encryption software scrambles the text in a file, making it look like garbage to anyone who copies the file from a stolen hard drive or intercepts it while it is being sent over the Internet. Only the intended recipient of the data can unscramble the text and read the file normally.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

If a criminal manages to log into your company’s computer system, they could cause serious damage to your network or steal sensitive data. A good way to ensure this doesn’t happen…

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