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Google Chrome to Block Annoying Ads So Users Don’t Block All Ads

Author: eWEEK Staff / Source: eWEEK

Today’s topics include a move by Google to have its Chrome browser block bad ads; Microsoft extending its Azure safety net for Windows Server cloud backups; OneLogin suffering a data breach through stolen AWS cloud keys; and IBM discovering the QakBot Trojan is locking out active users.

Sometime early next year, Google’s Chrome browser will stop showing ads on websites that are deemed as noncompliant with standards developed by a consortium of companies including Google, Facebook, Thomson Reuters and News Corp.

To prepare web publishers for the move, Google last week released information designed to help them understand how the so-called Better Ads Standards will apply to their websites so they can identify and remedy any issues before the change happens. Google’s Ad Experience Report includes screenshots and videos of the kinds of ads that will be blocked starting next year. It also includes tools that content publishers can use to test whether Google will be able to correctly display ads on their site.

The goal, according to Google, is to ensure that annoying and intrusive ad experiences on certain websites do not cause internet users to block all ads, as many do these days, resulting in revenue loss for content creators.

In its latest stab at cloud-based data protection for enterprises, Microsoft is making it easier…

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