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Hack Harassment adds an interdisciplinary board to tackle online hate

Author: Taylor Hatmaker / Source: TechCrunch

Hack Harassment, founded by Vox Media, Intel and Lady Gaga’s youth-focused Born This Way organization, will gear up to fight online harassment with the introduction of its first advisory board. Comprised of members from anti-bullying research groups, AAA game developers, and some things in between, the board will bring the collective experience of the multi-disciplinary leadership to bear on one of the web’s most intractable problems.

Members will serve as both strategists and public ambassadors for the organization, which seeks to combat online harassment with a mix of technical solutions and awareness campaigns. In February, Hack Harassment teamed up with Kesha to launch its first anti-harassment PSA, a short, punchy YouTube video that invites viewers to join the musician in the fight against online hate.

Hack Harassment’s board brings together seven different voices with a range of perspectives and expertise:

  • Michael Beadle, Director of Public Relations at Ubisoft
  • Gabby Frost, Founder and CEO of Buddy Project
  • Iain Gray, Docker’s Senior Vice President of Customer Success
  • Dr. Sameer Hinduja, Co-Director of the Cyberbullying Research Center
  • Dr. Susan M. Swearer, Co-Director, Bullying Research Network
  • Brittan Heller, Director of Technology and Society for the Anti-Defamation League
  • Stephen Balkam, Founder & CEO, Family Online Safety Institute

According to its newly-minted members, the heterogenous mix is what makes the organization uniquely suited to rise to the challenge.

“I think what’s unique and different about this group is that we represent a wide cross-section of individuals who…

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