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How to protect yourself from identity theft

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DAVENPORT– Almost 143 million Americans had their personal information exposed after a data breach from Equifax.

That’s almost half the population and the chances of those affected being in Iowa and Illinois are very likely.

During a presentation on what to do if you’ve been hacked at the Davenport Library, many Quad Citians shared their concerns.

“We have to be aware in this age of technology,” says attendee Mona Martin.

Although Martin wasn’t hacked, she’s looking for answers on how to make sure it stays that way. Her questions were answered by Certified Public Accountant Douglis Reiling of CPA Oelerich and Associates.

“Once people have that data available, they can take and use it for things like opening new credit cards in someone else’s name with a few simple tricks they rack up debt in someone elses account,” says Reiling.

If your personal information has been hacked, Reiling recommends signing up for

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