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In Ongoing Crusade for Privacy, Residents of Glass Condos Sue Tate

Author: Benjamin Sutton / Source: Hyperallergic

A view of the NEO Bankside apartments from the Tate Switch House observation deck (photo by

Last year, residents of London’s glass-walled Neo Bankside condo complex adjacent to Tate Modern’s new Switch House wing complained that the museum’s visitors were violating their privacy. In addition to offering sweeping vistas of central London, the new Tate building’s observation deck offers clear views directly into the flashy flats. Now, five Neo Bankside residents are suing Tate, claiming the museum has effectively placed them under “near constant surveillance,” turning their lives into “public exhibits” and their apartments into “goldfish bowls,” according to the Independent. Their claim accuses Tate of violating articles of the European Convention of Human Rights by refusing to respect their homes and private family lives, according to the Architects’ Journal.

Last year, Tate placed signs that read “please respect our neighbours’ privacy” in areas overlooking the…

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