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India Sees a Significant Rise in Data Breach Cost

Author: Geetha Nandikotkur / Source:

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Security practitioners charged with safeguarding computers for organizations in India and Asia expressed surprise at the speed of some recent cyberattacks, including the WannaCry ransomware worm, says Kartik Shahani, integrated security leader for IBM India and South Asia.

“What used to take probably weeks, days, now the attacks are happening in minutes and seconds,” Shahani says in an interview with Information Security Media Group (click on player beneath image to listen).

Shahani reached his conclusions based on a just-published study titled 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study, jointly conducted by IBM Security and the Ponemon Institute.

The increased speed of these cyber incidents allows for more such attacks to occur, and Shahani suggests that has an had adverse impact on organizations’ bottom line. “The penalty is huge as the cost of data breach incidents for companies in India and Asia [and] is significantly increasing this year from what was observed during the previous…

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