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Information Security and Defense in Depth

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The spread of available connectivity has outpaced the ability to keep information secure. In a previous blog post, I discussed the value of being informed about the security of public Wi-Fi networks, where each user can play a role in limiting their exposure to security risks. Working in from the Wi-Fi access layer, network operators need to build security into the backhaul infrastructure to ensure that the core of the distribution layer is secure.

Solutions like our PTP 670 wireless backhaul extend the network to connect Wi-Fi access networks– configured as a point-to-point link or a High Capacity Multipoint (HCMP) hub-and-spoke architecture to one or multiple points. Security in this section of the network is crucial, as it affects all users. At Cambium Networks, we have prioritized security on our PTP solutions to ensure that networks deliver consistently high performance and secure operations.

  • Physical Security includes tamper-evident seals and digitally signed software images that only load…

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