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Information Security Management System: How to Know When You Need One


ISO 27001 consultant

Information security management systems are essential for Australian businesses of all sizes to meet diversifying security challenges. But knowing where to start in implementing one can be a challenge in itself. In this article, we explain what is expected of business owners in tackling information security, and how to identify when your business may be in need of a formalised information security management system.

You Have No Information Security Policies in Place

A worrying 29% of Australian SMEs have no information security policies in place to protect their company data. If you are part of this 29% of vulnerable organisations, your business must consider implementing an information security management system that includes formalised information security policies.

Security policies and procedural documentation should be provided to employees at the beginning of their contract. It is also the employer’s responsibility to ensure staff are educated on policy and notified of changes. If your business does not have any established security policies, including a staff education program, your company is at risk of data loss. In January, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull stated in relation to new measures to protect Australian cyber security, that “awareness is the most important first step.”

Financial institutions, telecommunication companies, hospitals, health centres, and governmental bodies, or any other businesses that are required to protect…

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