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Information Security Strategies for eCommerce Businesses


Information security management system

According to The Global State of Information Security Survey 2015, released by PwC, cybercrime rates are rising and are expected to continue. The survey found a 109% increase in number of detected security incidents, heightening concern for Australian eCommerce business owners and customers. Vital customer data such as personal and financial details are at risk of data breaches, which can lead to significant cost to businesses.

Unfortunately, a number of eCommerce businesses may lack sufficient security measures to combat information security threats. Below we recommend some precautions you can put in place to eliminate potential threats.

1. Have Employees Undergo Security Training and Sign Confidentiality Agreements

Online fashion retailer Showpo has recently alleged that a former employee stole their entire customer database and handed it over to competitor, Black Swallow. The story exposed a number of potential weaknesses in the eCommerce industry, and the enduring need for information security management systems compliant with ISO 27001.

When it comes to data security matters involving employees, there are a few simple ways to ensure information is protected;

  • Setting requirements for all employees to sign detailed and accurate confidentiality agreements. Depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary to have applicants sign ahead of time, even before job…

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