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Integrating device data with EHRs requires focus on governance, privacy

Author: Mike Miliard / Source: Healthcare IT News

Flowing outside data into existing electronic health records can be a difficult undertaking, AHIMA says, but there are ways to make it work best.

Remote patient monitoring is on the rise, but the challenges to flowing outside data into existing electronic health records are substantial. In the Journal of AHIMA, Kapila Monga, associate director of healthcare analytics at Cognizant Technology Solutions spotlights five key areas health information management professionals should stay focused on to optimize the integration of remote device data with electronic health records.

Data integrity. It’s critical, of course, that HIM staff determine “if, where and how” the myriad types of real-time device data – heart rate, oxygen level, blood pressure, glucose – be streamed in the EHR system, said Monga. But just as important “is the traceability of information back to point of collection,” she said. Some of that challenge will be solved by technology as EHR systems evolve to accommodate the new imperatives of telemedicine. But HIM professionals will always have a central part to play when it comes to ensuring that remote health data is helping provide better care “without compromising the integrity of the EHR.”

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Information usage. Connected health devices have one job: transmitting patient information back to the provider on…

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