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‘Lack of privacy’ at complex

Source: Sudbury Star

The urinals at the Terry Fox complex are clearly visible from the hallway when the door is left open, and at least one visitor is raising issues about privacy and decorum. (Photo supplied)

Nobody likes to be on display when they are using the toilet.

Privacy is important, William Olfert says, and he was shocked last month to see the bathroom set up at the Terry Fox complex on the Lasalle extension.

“My concern is lack of privacy,” he says. “A man is relieving himself at the urinal, someone else goes in the washroom and opens the door, there are ladies leaving their washroom and it looks right in at what the man is doing. That should not be allowed.”

Olfert, who lives in Espanola but was visiting Sudbury for his grandson’s baseball game, says the doors to the women’s and men’s washrooms are right across from each other, so when the doors are open, everything is on display. The two washrooms are accessed by a public hallway.

“All you need to do is install a piece of…

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