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MasterChef in potential identity theft stuff up

Source: Chinchilla News

It’s all fun and games until the identity thieves strike.

REALITY TV contestants are used to revealing personal information to a national audience, but a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment on last night’s episode of MasterChef could have taken that a bit too far.

Sunday’s episode of the hit series opened with contestants Tamara and Sarah arriving at Melbourne Airport ahead of their flight to Tokyo in Qantas Business Class as part as their reward for taking out last week’s Team Challenge.

The excitable pair headed to the Qantas desk to check in to their flight, and then the camera flashed to a close-up of one of their boarding passes – proof of their glorious ticket to Tokyo for MasterChef’s Japan Week.

As Instagram users know, no trip really starts until you flash your boarding pass in an obligatory photo or video at the airport.

But eagle-eyed MasterChef viewer Steve Hui, the chief executive of rewards points management site, said this was an example of what not to do, because there was a lot of critical personal information identity thieves could…

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