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Mystery Photos: Genius Edition of “Who am I?”

This is guest post is by Cary O’Dell, assistant to the National Film Preservation Board and the National Recording Preservation Board.

Hey kids, it’s time for another round of Mystery Photos!

In years past, you’ve helped us identify people in more than 1,000 publicity stills from the music, film, television or other entertainment industries. These were part of a collection of more than 30,000 images that came into the Library from a private collector in New Jersey. Most, thankfully, were already named.

You’ve done stellar work with the unknowns. We greatly appreciate it. But now we’re down to the Stubborn 100, a few of which are below, and we’re stumped. Can you name these stars of yesteryear?

A few words of caution:

  • We’ve tried web-based reverse-image searches.
  • We have no information beyond what is listed below. There are no dates, locations or titles. They may not be from the United States.
  • Standards of proof: We’d most like to see the same photo, with the person’s name, in a newspaper, magazine or somesuch. Failing that, another image from the same photo shoot, but with the person named.

We are happy to investigate any legitimate guesses, though. We’ll report on any success stories.

Meanwhile, here you go. Good luck!

#1 This dapper gent might be an actor or a writer/author or none of the above. #3 We’d like to ID any member of this trio or this group. Is this a dance troupe? An acting company? A band? #5 We wonder if this might be the actor/model Bill Cable, who appeared in the first few moments of “Basic Instinct”?
#6 Lots of guesses but so far no solutions for this unknown man. #9 Might be a character actor or someone from behind the scenes… #15 This photo is NOT Karen Valentine, Judy Stangis nor Suzy Mandel.
#16 We know this is NOT Phylicia Rashad or Anna Maria Horsford. #18 The letters “TC” are printed at the bottom of this image which usually means it is the initials of the person in the photo or the initials of the film (or other production) this image is from. #43 This gentleman is thought to be an actor–he certainly looks like he might have played some judges in his time—but, again, we have no idea as to his identity.

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