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Old Mutual targeted in data breach

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Financial services company Old Mutual has notified its customers of a data breach, after it detected unauthorised entry to one of its systems which led to some personal customer information being accessed.

The company said that personal information of a relatively small group of customers in South Africa was accessed including ‘customers’ name, telephone number and some investment values’.

The finance group stressed that no transactional details, credit card information, banking details, medical information or passwords were accessed.

“We can confirm that customers’ portfolios remain intact and no financial losses were incurred,” Old Mutual said.

“Old Mutual detected a case of unauthorised entry into one of our systems. Some personal information of a relatively small group of our customers in South Africa was unfortunately accessed.

“We moved swiftly to close access to the targeted system. Our control processes kicked in to safeguard customer portfolios and we can confirm that no customers incurred any…

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