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Outdoor Media Association paid $5,000 to cyber hacker to retrieve lost data

Author: Zoe Samios / Source: Mumbrella

The Outdoor Media Association paid $5,000 in the form of bitcoin, to retrieve more than 60 weeks of data, after the company experienced a cyber attack last month.

In a blog on the OMA website, chief executive of the association Charmaine Moldrich, has offered tips to avoid being cyber hacked, after the company was attacked at 10:25pm several weeks ago.

“In my living memory, there were a couple of decades (namely the 1960s and ‘70s) where bank robbers were a dime a dozen. It seemed that armed robbers were on the TV news and front pages of newspapers just about every day,” she wrote.

“But the turn of the 21st century seems to have brought a new age type of robber – the cyber robber – who seems to have taken over the heists in this new digital interconnected world.”

Moldrich explained the company’s last full off-site backup was six-and-a-half weeks old, which “ostensibly” had meant the company lost 65 weeks of work (10 employees x 6.5 weeks).

However, the hacker did not get into bank accountants or the association’s key business function, MOVE.

Charmaine Moldrich: “I was willing to risk losing $5,000 to…

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