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Ransomware attacks: Universities back online after ‘zero-day’ infections

Author: Danny Palmer / Source: ZDNet

The ransomware attack targeted UCL – one of the UK’s most prestigious universities.

Computer systems have now been restored at two universities which were forced offline following ransomware attacks.

On Wednesday 14 June, both University College London and Ulster University were infected with ransomware in separate incidents.

Both universities have referred to the ransomware potentially exploiting a zero-day vulnerability, but it is currently unclear if there is a link between the two attacks or which family of ransomware caused the infections.

The incident response team at UCL – one of the UK’s most prestigious universities – temporarily blocked access to shared and network drives to reduce further spread of the malware. Full access to the network drives was restored on Friday, but the shared drives remained read only.

But in an update posted on Monday morning, UCL has said that all shared drives were once again fully operational, but that all staff should remain vigilant to the possibility of another infection and should remain mindful of pop-ups, unusual emails or any other suspicious behaviour.

University staff believe the ransomware infiltrated the network via users visiting a compromised website, although…

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