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Rootkit vs Spyware

Author: JP Buntinx / Source: The Merkle

In the world of online security, there are quite a few malicious threats consumers and corporations have to be aware of. Two of those common types are spyware and rootkits. While they may seemingly try to achieve a similar goal, there are some intriguing differences between the two. Rest assured no one will ever willingly deal with these types of infections unless there is no other choice, though.

2. Rootkit

Most people have heard the term rootkit before, although very few people are actively aware of what this malicious software does. A rootkit can best be described as a computer program designed by criminals so they can gain administrator access to a computer or laptop. Rootkits are also used against mobile devices, where assailants can gain “root” access to the device. It is well worth mentioning rootkits were around well before mobile phones got connected to the internet, thus the name is not derived from gaining root access.

Once the assailant gains administrative rights on the computer or mobile device they try to access, they can effectively cause all kinds of havoc along the way. Administrator access allows hackers to remotely control the device in every possible way, including the installation and removal of software, copying files, and conducting remote surveillance of…

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