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Scam Squad: How they rip off your credit card

Source: Green Valley News

The Scam Squad continues to receive information about mail received heralding a windfall winnings from a contest the resident doesn’t remember entering.

This scenario is all too common. The fraudsters make sure that you have all the correct steps to take to make sure you are the winner; you must find the correct sticker and place it on the return card, then continue to fill out the information necessary to confirm that you are indeed the person who has won.

You know that you never give out personal information such as your birthdate or Social Security number. With just these two pieces of information, the fraudsters will be able to open accounts in your name, and you will be responsible for the charges.

They may use a change of address and make minimal payments until the card is maxed out and then they’ll disappear. Eventually, the credit card company will find you as the card holder, and it will take much time and grief to dig yourself out of paying for this fine example of identity theft.

The way to avoid this issue is simple. Guard your information at all times! Never give it out over the phone, no matter what the pitch. If,…

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