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Self-driving cars vs hackers: Can these eight rules stop security breaches?

Author: Danny Palmer / Source: ZDNet

Increasingly connected cars are becoming a tempting target for cyber attacks.

The increasingly internet-connected nature of vehicles means cars are fast becoming just another potential target for hackers looking to steal personal data, remotely control vehicles or even leave the driver unable to start the car because the systems have been infected with ransomware.

And that’s before the eventual arrival of driverless vehicles on roads across the country.

In an effort to combat the issue before it’s too late, the UK government has issued a set of cyber security guidelines for connected and autonomous vehicles in order to better protect them from hackers and cyberattacks.

While many automotive companies already have specialists focusing on security, the eight principles are designed to provide guidance to car manufacturers and their supply chains on how they can ensure cyber security is ingrained into every level of the car building process. The basics of the principles are:

  1. Organisational security is owned, governed and promoted at board level
  2. Security risks are assessed and managed appropriately and proportionately, including those specific to the supply chain
  3. Organisations need product aftercare and incident response to ensure…

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