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Special report: The dangers of the dark web

Author: Christina Leavenworth / Source: WEAR

(WEAR) — The anonymous or dark web is a major concern for law enforcement agencies across the country. It’s called the “dark web” for a reason. Drugs can be bought on it, child pornography is traded, you can even hire a hitman. It’s so dangerous because it’s untraceable.

The internet that all of us typically use is only 4 percent of what’s out there.The rest of the 96 percent lives in what is called the dark web. The dark web is simply a browser that is not illegal, but a lot of illegal activity happens on it.

Detective Jeff Brown is with the Pensacola Police Department cyber crimes unit.

“You have install a browser, most use Tor,” he explained.

Tor stands for “The Onion Router.” It was developed by the U.S military to send mass amounts of data.

Now it can be downloaded by anybody for free. The Onion Router has many layers like an onion. Typically a computer has an IP address and whatever you do on it leads right back to you, but the dark web bounces your IP address so authorities can’t figure out…

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