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The Aftermath Of A Data Breach

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Hopefully, your business has never been the victim of a data breach. If you are currently looking for answers on what you should do after a data breach, this article will be incredibly helpful to you.

If your business is dealing with a data breach, the first thing you should do is find the source of the data leak itself.

Data leaks can present themselves in the following forms:

    • Rogue Employees
    • Misconfigured Software
    • Lack of Business Compliance
    • Website Hacks
    • Third Party Vendor Hacks

And the list could go on. Task a team of IT professionals to do a post mortem on the data breach so that your organization is never the victim of data breach again.

Check Your Local Laws

The laws on data privacy are rapidly changing. If your business is involved in a data breach, you might be required to inform your customers of the potential for their identities being stolen.

Check the local laws and regulations on what your business must do in order to report data breaches to customers, clients and end users within your organization.

Contact the Authorities

If your business has been hacked, you might want to contact the authorities to help investigate your situation. The authorities may treat this like any other crime and they could ask for evidence and reports on what actually happened.

When you report these events to the authorities, they can build a database of clues and they can use their resources to try and convict the cyber criminals who are trying to steal your personal data.

Conduct Pen Testing

If your data breach was due to…

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