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Tips To Ensure Information Security Before Outsourcing Software Development

Author: Rahul Mathur / Source: IT Social Network DevBattles

Given that the low cost of software development in the third-world countries, software outsourcing is not a new concept anymore. It is nothing but a practice to hire web developers or a software development company to develop software or mobile applications for you.

Being a low-cost and time-effective approach, outsourcing comes with a few pitfalls. The most crucial and yet the most neglected one is: lack of security. A poorly written code can easily incline hackers to exploit it for stealing user’s valuable information as well as the money. And once it happens, you not only lose your reputation (business) but at the same time, you may also confront several operational risk factors and regulatory compliance violations. Not to forget about the burdensome negative publicity that will ensue your brand name for quite a while.

The reason outsourced softwares are less secure is that development schedules are usually too tight. The main focus of developer is to complete the projects in given deadline. The expedited code writing then further leads to the poor quality software. The another reason is a dull testing phase. A software project may contain thousands or millions of lines of codes, and if not properly tested or policed for proper security standards, far-reaching consequences can occur.

When you hire an outsourcing company situated oceans away for a project, you can’t literally observe their programmers all the time. You don’t know much about their experience, their way of working, and you can’t even keep on eye on the code they develop. Even though availing outsourcing services in not entirely flawless, it is still a cost and time-effective practice.

During the testing phase what a tester look out for the most are the bugs in general functionality. App or website security is…

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