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Voice of the Consumer: Protect yourself from identity theft by shredding unneeded documents

Author: Katie Pelton / Source: Colorado Springs Gazette

“It’s our annual event where we encourage the public to be their first line of defense in becoming a victim in identity theft,” said Gina Sacripanti, vice president of marketing and public relations for the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado.

We have told you many times before in our 11 Call for Action stories how easily crooks can steal your identity. The number of identity theft victims continues to climb, which is why it’s so important to destroy your old paperwork.

“In 2016, identity theft hit a record high. It hit 15.4 (million) U.S. consumers and that is for a loss of about $700 billion,” said Sacripanti. “Seven hundred million dollars more than last year.”

“Identity theft is primarily a case of access. So it gets into fraudsters’ hands, they take advantage of the situation and fraud happens. So by safely and securely disposing of those…

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