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Watch Cyberwar in Real-Time on This Live Map

Author: Jeff Desjardins / Source: Visual Capitalist

Today’s most active battlefield is not located on the ground, in the air, or on the mighty seas.

It’s taking place on the internet – and if you’re still a non-believer, spend a few minutes with the above live map to watch a representation of cyber attacks as they happen. A full-screen version is also available.

Created by Norse Corporation, a cyber intelligence firm that claims to get instant attack telemetry from over eight million sensors deployed worldwide, the map visualizes cyberwar in real-time and organizes attacks by type, origin, and target.

Predator and Prey

Who is responsible for these attacks, and who is the target?

In our few minutes of watching, the United States received nearly 70% of incoming attacks:

While we were not expecting this live visualization to literally cover every single hack worldwide, this does seem to match up with the ratio from other sources. For…

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